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Policy & Procedure

I have the right to refuse service at any time.  A 1-2 hour window for arrival time is required.  Groomer will notify if either late or early for arrival time.  There will be a $70 cancellation fee for appointments missed or cancelled less than 48 hours.  A fee may apply if owner is late for service.  A payment in advance may be applied if multiple cancellations or missed payments occur.  There will be a $10 clean up fee for fecal.  Any pet with flees will be treated with *Capstar and given flea bath with an additional charge of $30.  Severely matted pets will be shaved for comfort of the pet.  Bandana and bow are complimentary if available.  Ears will not be cleaned if infection or injury is present until treated.  2 hours is the maximum time slot for grooming per pet.  If unable to finish within time frame, groom will be completed at later date for full price.  Client must provide level parking in either street or driveway.  If deemed otherwise there may be a cancellation charge.  Water and electricity must be available in case of emergency.  Groomer may cancel at any time due to illness, weather or mechanical malfunction.  Not responsible for lost or stolen items if owner is not home at time of grooming session.

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